Contextual targeting means better, safer video campaigns.

Let’s lift the hood and reveal how we make video advertising work for you by combining super-sensitive targeting with real-time optimization and actionable insights

Contextual relevance is key for brands looking to build meaningful relationships with consumers. Our machine learning platform extracts and analyzes contextual data in YouTube so we can determine the precise moment for optimal engagement.

Contextual targeting in action

Our three-step process covers Pre-Bid, Mid-Campaign and Post-Campaign stages. This ensures maximum brand engagement, significant product interest uplift and increased sales.

Step 1. Pre-Bid

The video a person is watching, is the best indication of their interest at that exact moment. Our machine learning platform ensures brands can seamlessly share in those moments by only placing your ads against contextually relevant videos.

Before any budget is spent, the Precise TV platform analyses millions of YouTube videos relating to specific demographics, interests and topics. The output is hyper-granular contextual targeting, which, when overlaid with historical performance data allows us to run predictive modelling, all in order to drive the best results.

This process eradicates interruptive experiences and improves View Through Rates, brand engagement, product interest and sales.


Step 2. Mid-campaign

Once your campaign is live, our machine learning platform continually monitors engagement data to ensure iterative improvements to campaign performance.

Our unique video level control, allows us to fine tune your live campaign by multi-variate testing against benchmark performance criteria. Signals from consumer engagements, day parting and real-time APIs such as local weather-targeting improve our AI based optimization.


Step 3. Post-Campaign

Not only does our final report provide a detailed breakdown of budget spend and campaign performance. But our granular video level analysis allows us to extract the precise data points that determine optimum engagement between brand and consumer. This data provides valuable insights that clients can use to inform creative and media strategies for even deeper customer experiences in the future.



Precise TV are committed to bringing the highest possible standards to digital advertising. As such, we fully support the IAB Gold Standard initiative. We are DTSG certified brand safe and only buy ad formats that adhere to the Better Ads Standards. Please click on the relevant logos below for more info.

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