Brand safety and privacy

Our commitment to clients

Brand safe contextually relevant YouTube campaigns:

Precise.TV is committed to providing the highest level of transparency and brand safety across all our YouTube campaigns. To achieve this, we have implemented stringent internal policies to ensure all our placements are vetted to the highest brand safety standards before any client budget is spent.

Inventory Control:

In order to ensure brand safe campaigns, Precise.TV only serve ads against a white list of placements. Each white list is custom created pre-campaign to ensure the best possible alignment to each clients’ requirements.

White lists are created through a mix of granular machine learning based data analysis and manual intervention by our experienced AdOps team. Our strict process minimises the risk to advertisers of appearing next to brand unsafe and contextually irrelevant placements throughout the lifecycle of a campaign.

Content Policy:

Precise.TV deems placements to be brand unsafe based on (but not limited to) the following criteria: Adult Content, Alcohol, Violence, Offensive Language, Hate and Racism, Illegal Drugs, Malicious Videos.

Precise.TV can also filter for advertiser defined criteria excluding for example, placements featuring content originating from competitors or implementing specific exclusions relevant to a particular audience type such as minors.

Our Process:

Precise.TV have developed a rigorous process in order to ensure the highest levels of brand safety and performance for our campaigns. This process is delivered in three distinct stages as follows.

1. Pre-bid:

Before any budget is spent, our AdOps team create an initial white list of individual videos (placements) specifically tailored to each campaign. This is done by identifying videos within YouTube based on target keywords, topics, interests and channels. Each placement is analysed, scored and cleansed using a proprietary mix of machine learning and manual intervention in order to produce a final list of contextually relevant, brand safe placements.

This rigorous process typically removes on average 50% of possible placements. As a result, our campaigns reduce inefficiencies and creates brand safe, shared moments with target audiences.

2. Mid-Campaign:

Once the white list is uploaded into AdWords the campaign is then activated. Throughout, performance is constantly monitored and optimised at video level. If required, new placements can be evaluated, cleansed and added throughout the campaign.

3. Post Campaign:

On completion of the campaign, clients are provided with full in-depth analysis. Due to the granular level of control, our reports can provide a deep level of actionable insights. This can include top performing placements, topics, channels and even influencers.

Precise.TV Take Down Policy:

We take brand safety seriously and run rigorous pre-campaign processes to ensure brand safety in all our campaigns. In the unlikely event that a client does request us to remove a placement for any reason, this will be actioned within 2 hours of the report being received by our AdOps team during UK business hours.

Information required in order to ensure swift removal of a placement should include a clear description of the reason. Also, a screenshot and URL of the offending video, so our operations team can quickly locate and remove the placement in question.

Given the level of control Precise.TV offer our clients we can ensure that any unsafe placements will be individually paused without incurring any break in delivery of the campaign. This level of control both limits negative impact on campaign reach as well as campaign delivery timescales.

The contractual consequences of not taking down an ad placement in accordance with Precise.TV Takedown Policy will be subject to the terms of the Insertion Order.

Please note: For campaigns that require re-targeting, Precise.TV conduct these to the highest levels of brand safety possible. However due to the nature of the retargeting process the Take Down approach may differ. This can be discussed with each client on a case by case basis prior to campaign sign off.


We have designed our advertising services to assist our Customers in their compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and other relevant legislation respecting the collection and use of information from children. To learn more about COPPA, you may reference this simple one-page informational guide from the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Compliance is achieved by ensuring that Precise.TV restricts the use of certain advertising methodologies when targeting campaigns towards End Users aged 13 and younger within YouTube. We also ensure that our Customers ads will only appear against YouTube videos that have been thoroughly pre-vetted and deemed appropriate both from a brand and child safety point of view.

Precise.TV does not solicit personal information. However, Precise.TV does receive certain identifier information from Google AdWords, but this information is only being used to support the internal operations of our service. At no time is any data about users under the age of 13 either being collected or used to build behavioural advertising profiles. Our Customers are responsible for independently reviewing their products/services to ensure they comply with COPPA and any other relevant regulations.

In the highly unlikely event that we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will securely delete that information as quickly as possible. If any end users believe that we might have any personal information from or about a child under the age of 13, please contact us at

  • Precise.TV Ad Platform is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.