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Precise Travel

Precise TV has the world’s leading YouTube technology solution reducing media wastage by up to 60%

After over 1500 highly successful travel specific campaigns delivered in the last 3 years alone, we are proud to launch Precise Travel.

Designed to serve as more than just a subset of our technology solution, Precise Travel additionally acts as a travel advertising concierge, armed with travel brand guidebooks, best practices and advertising roadmaps curated to cost effectively raise travel brands ad effectiveness as measured by brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent.  Precise TV's powerful travel solutions help travel brands reduce media wastage, reach "would be" travelers and maximize travel brand ROAS.

  • Over 70 million travel shoppers every month

  • Delivering, on average, a 58% lift in VTR% and 18% lift in purchase intent

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Luxury Island Holiday Image with Palm Trees

Why YouTube for Travel?


$7.24 billion will be spent on digital advertising by brands in the travel industry in 2024 

Globally 2nd largest search engine, 2nd most visited website with 40% of users across 15 global countries using YouTube as main source for travel inspiration. 

Two-thirds of US consumers watch travel content when considering and planning travel 

92% of US travelers expect to travel at least as much in 2024 as they did in the prior year


Don't forget the kids!

According to a Precise TV study 58% of kids influence family travel destinations and with YouTube being the #1 most watched platform with kids (aged 2-12), 71% watching YouTube Shorts and 50% watching ads on TikTok and Shorts these are places you should be advertising.


The playbook

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