Contextual targeting means
better, safer
video campaigns

Kids’ Advertising with None of the Worry

The Precise TV platform analyzes all target videos at scale to ensure they’re completely relevant and 100% safe for children

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Awarded the FTC-approved kidSAFE+ COPPA CERTIFIED Seal to deliver kids advertising services on YouTube

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Trusted by leading kids brands and toy companies we use zero personally identifiable information (Zero PII)

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Industry expertise and machine-learning algorithms analyze millions of YouTube videos for safety/relevance

Where Targeting Meets Privacy

With Precise TV, kids’ brands can leverage the full benefits of highly targeted advertising without the associated privacy concerns. By analyzing hundreds of data points from multiple sources we can deliver complete contextual relevance without needing to use the personal data of viewers. Individual video-level screening from Precise TV delivers the control, safety and relevance kids’ brands need.

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