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Precise Gaming

Precise TV has the world's leading COPPA compliant YouTube solution reducing media wastage by up to 60%. We are proud to bring our powerful solution to in-app gaming advertising, helping brands reduce media wastage.

Our COPPA & GDPR compliant in-app advertising network uniquely merges our kids and teens panel data with our contextual engine to safely reach:

  • Over 400 million kids, teens, and families every month.

  • Achieving, on average, a 54% lift in CTR and 76% lift in playtime.

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Why in-app gaming? 


Playing games is the #1 reason for kids aged 7-10 going online

Gaming reaches 50% of US kids and is the third most popular way of consuming content 

50% of kids can immediately identify the app logo of at least 4 gaming apps



Why Precise?


Remove Media Wastage and Improve Performance

Run your adverts across the most contextually relevant gaming apps to reach kids in moments of play. We integrate our Kids Media Panel data to dramatically reduce media wastage and improve performance.


Kids Media Panel

We customize app selections based on our proprietary COPPA compliant kids panel of 10,000 individuals. Our technology allows you to customize packages at scale for age and gender, while gamifying your brand to increase engagement.


kidSAFE+ COPPA Compliance

Deliver across gaming content safely and compliantly. We have seven years of experience of being one of the first kidSAFE+ COPPA certified partners for digital advertising. Deliver brand safe, relevant and privacy-compliant video campaigns.

Precise TV’s contextual intelligence platform leverages a proprietary global kids & family set of panel data to connect brands with highly engaged kids and relevant audiences. In turn, this can reduce media wastage of up to 60% for in-app gaming ads,compared to market averages.

Our contextual targeting method ensures we run ads across top gaming apps - meaning your ads reach the most appropriate audience. This results in media wastage reduction whilst delivering strong CTR, average branded play time, engagement, and ultimately, product sales.


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